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Contraction of te + the old feminine singular dative definite article der.


  1. for, for the (followed by a feminine singular noun, e.g., one ending in -ing).
    Stichting ter Bevordering van de Duiksport — Foundation for the Advancement of Scubadiving
  2. in the
    De Katholieke Universiteit Leuven is de oudste universiteit van de Nederlanden en tevens de oudste nog bestaande katholieke universiteit ter wereld. — The Catholic University of Leuven is the oldest university of the Low Countries and also the oldest still existing catholic university in the world.

Usage notes

  • Like ten, "ter" occurs mostly in fixed idiomatic expressions, although with words on -ing, -te, -heid etc. that are feminine, it enjoys a limited productivity:
  1. ter wikifiëring -- intended to be wikified.

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  1. to have, to possess
    "Eu tenho uma bela casa!" - I have a beautifull house.
  2. (que + dependent clause) must, have to.
    "Eu tenho que ir à firma!" - I must go to the office.





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Ter can refer to the following:
  • Ter, the word for festival in Kokborok
  • The River Ter in Essex
  • The Ter River in Catalonia
  • Ter, an ancient town 450 km southeast of Mumbai, in Osmanabad, India
  • The third instance of a thing, thus following bis
  • Eastern Armenian for "Lord" - honorific title of ordained clergy (before Christian name) and their descendants (before surname). Western Armenian equivalent is "Der".
TER can refer to the following:
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